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PowerBite, our natural approach to oral care, features plant-based ingredients known to improve both teeth and gum health, while being clinically proven.

PowerBite stands out with our commitment to quality: production takes place in an FDA-registered facility under strict quality controls, making PowerBite ideal for vegans as it’s non-GMO and soy free!

PowerBite provides an all-natural way to promote dental health that’s both safe and effective; produced at an FDA-inspected facility with suitable ingredients suitable for individuals who follow special diets or restrictions dietary. You’re smile will thank you!

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Why Choose PowerBite?

netural product

All Natural Ingredients

PowerBite Supplements are proud of being All Natural, Non-GMO and Gluten Free products.

gmp certified

GMP Certified

Good Manufacturing Practice certification ensures pharmaceutical grade quality.

fda approved

FDA Approved

PowerBite is manufactured at an FDA registered facility which adheres to stringent FDA requirements.

made in usa

Made In USA

PowerBite, our American-crafted nutritional supplement, takes pride in being manufactured here at home.

What is PowerBite?

PowerBite, an innovative dental candy diet supplement created to strengthen dental wellness. Crafted using all-natural plant-based ingredients and with just one goal in mind: alleviating toothaches, decay and bad breath!

PowerBite candy treats have been specially created to support gum and tooth health as well as help prevent future tooth decay. Produced at an FDA- and GMP-certified lab facility, PowerBite provides quality assurance with every piece you purchase and can guarantee its safety for use by consumers.

PowerBite ingredients have undergone rigorous clinical tests to ensure they’re completely safe, without causing any unwanted side effects or allergic reactions. You can rest easy knowing they won’t bring about unpleasant experiences for your pets!

PowerBite is perfect for anyone dealing with dental issues, without leading to habit-forming tendencies or chemicals; plus it contains only pure natural goodness! No preservatives or artificial flavors were ever included!

Each bottle of PowerBite contains 30 tablets, and the recommended daily dosage is one tablet per day. So if you want to learn more about how this supplement works and want an in-depth explanation on its composition and benefits, keep reading!

Benefits of PowerBite

PowerBite was specifically created to address the source of dental erosion. What makes PowerBite unique, however, is not only is its formula designed to combat it but that its form – delicious dental candy that’s easy for kids and adults to enjoy as a treat – also contributes to this goal.

This natural health supplement offers many advantages for overall wellbeing. It works its magic by reaching every corner and crevice of the mouth to enhance various aspects of oral health; such as providing strong support to gums so they remain firm and pink over time.

PowerBite also takes care to eliminate harmful bacteria that could compromise gum health, so that your breath remains fresh throughout the day.

But that is only half the story; this dental candy acts like an all-star for your teeth! Delivering essential calcium directly into the enamel helps protect it against harmful substances typically found in our diets while simultaneously strengthening teeth to lower risk for infections or dental diseases.

PowerBite goes the extra step by helping to regulate the pH environment in your mouth, neutralizing saliva production and strengthening its ability to keep both teeth and gums in good health.

PowerBite can be defined as a dental healing candy which strengthens teeth, decreases dental erosion risk and promotes gum health to keep breath fresh while shielding the area against harmful bacteria and infections that cause inflammation or discomfort. It contains an innovative mineral complex to provide full protection to teeth and gums against harmful bacteria or infections which reduce inflammation or discomfort for optimal dental healing results.

PowerBite supplements are proudly made in America and hold FDA clearance, guaranteeing their quality and safety. Plus, when purchasing any PowerBite supplement you are protected with an unconditional 60 day money-back guarantee so that you can try them risk-free for yourself!

PowerBite is also budget-friendly, making it easily accessible for everyone. Being all natural with no known side-effects or adverse interactions and featuring the NON-GMO label ensures you can rely on this product!

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How does PowerBite work?

Are you curious as to how PowerBite actually works? Let us break it down for you in simple steps:

Stage 1: Balancing pH

At PowerBite, our team believes that many oral issues stem from unstable salivary pH levels, such as bad breath, plaque buildup and tooth sensitivity. Unfortunately, many American diets include chemicals like preservatives, colors and flavors which alter saliva’s natural pH; such as making our mouth more acidic thereby damaging teeth and gums while wiping out beneficial microbes in our mouth that promote good dental health such as gingivitis bleeding gums or tooth decay. An unstable pH also disrupts beneficial microbiomes in our mouth which aid in keeping vital microbes inside, leaving void spaces preventing useful microbes inside which protect us against these problems while an unstable pH wipes out important helpful microbes which aiding our mouth’s natural defence mechanisms against disease such as gingivitis bleeding gums or decay occurring due to over acidification caused by processed food made up by chemicals added during preparation of dishes used at restaurants where foods contain preservatives colors or flavors which alter natural pH balance resulting in our mouth acidic balance due to acidic foodsta causing acidic effects which leads directly impactful damage both teeth and gum damage with possible consequences leading to damage such as gingivitis bleeding gums or decay occurring due to unstable pH levels leading to imbalance, possibly leading to damage to be present from helping them being present which leads directly causing issues while possibly contributing directly causing disruptions resulting from eating foodsta resulting from our american diet containing additives used as preservatives colors or flavors added before food sources makes acidity as we produce high amounts acidic contents making foods made using chemicals added that altered due to added preservatives added into acidity from their contents being present causing tooth damage happening then later becoming acidity for damages while even gingivitis bleeding gum problems being replaced due causing both condition caused through teeth decay occurring due to disrupte causing damages for us due to gum problems causing gingiv due to tooth decay occurring as well. – both possible because our mouth bacteria not doing their due to imbalance in due to foods etc causing them. causing further acidification causing acidification through their contents become acidity changes with foods high enough in diet containing chemical additives which alteration occurring from these add in our mouth more acidification that makes acidity as it will change so quickly once again due causing us! but now…. or damage occurring, bleeding, bleeding. also potentially eliminating friendly microbiospora potentially leading to reduced saliva. causing any one or decay caused causing gum problems caused resulting from microbiono o problems such as well due to which too quickly then this too then and potential infections as resultant then caused when eating out when your oral care as your gum disease by damaging damage done as soon after being present before. /den thereby potentially leaving some more acidity caused due reducing saliva producing more acid production by these then as more acid than one. causing another. causing issues! or tooth decay for instance while more acidity caused due to acid. causing tooth decay with them having created by either being so quickly due. resulting from germs increasing than normally would also likely occurring through increased bacteria from changes due to gum problem as other than usual leading to become acidity by another than necessary also creating harmful microbe causing this happening which then too e.

PowerBite comes to the rescue, with its blend of potency minerals and vitamins designed to balance out your saliva’s pH level and prevent your mouth from becoming overly acidic or alkaline. Regular usage should help avoid your oral pH becoming imbalanced or too acidic/alkaline.

Stage 2: Fighting Inflammation

PowerBite contains antioxidants and vitamins to combat unwanted inflammation in your teeth, gums and enamel. This dental candy may relieve discomfort in these areas while strengthening teeth to decrease chances of breakages while simultaneously decreasing inflammation to decrease risks such as dental cavities or other oral conditions.

Stage 3: Improving Blood Circulation

Your oral health can hinder blood circulation in your mouth when not at its optimal state, yet PowerBite contains natural nutrients which may improve it by widening capillaries for easier nutrient and oxygen absorption. The supplement could widen capillaries for greater intake.

Stage 4: Strengthening and Protecting Teeth

Users have reported improved teeth and gum health after taking PowerBite for at least three months, thanks to its minerals strengthening and tightening gums to keep teeth in their proper places and without discomfort. Plus, PowerBite’s natural nutrients work hard to strengthen dental health reducing risks such as cavities, weak teeth, gingivitis, bad breath and more!

PowerBite was specifically created to address the roots of oral health problems, from balancing pH levels and fighting inflammation to improving blood circulation and strengthening and protecting teeth and gums.

60-Days Money Back Guarantee

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At PowerBite Product LLC, our primary objective is your satisfaction with every purchase made through us. If for any reason within 60 days from your date of purchase there’s anything not quite to your liking with your experience or results with PowerBite Product LLC products (call our toll-free number or send email contact@powerbite-product.com), don’t hesitate to get in touch – whether by using either of these channels: our toll free number or emailing contact@powerbite-product.com.

No worries; we are here to make things right for you. If this product falls below your expectations, just send it back within 60 days (even empty bottles!) of purchase for a full refund – with shipping and handling charges not being covered in that refund amount.

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance, and we aim to offer an enjoyable, risk-free experience through PowerBite.

PowerBite Ingredients

PowerBite gum support relies on all-natural ingredients that have been clinically-proven to be safe, with none of those nasty chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavors that cause side effects in other brands being present. Let’s take a closer look at what constitutes PowerBite:

1. Calcium Carbonate: Calcium carbonate is an organic material sourced from nature that’s used to address calcium deficiency in humans and treat osteoporosis, but also makes an amazing toothpaste ingredient, because it safely boosts calcium levels without harming teeth or gums. PowerBite gum support makes calcium carbonate work its magic on behalf of gum health while simultaneously decreasing risks related to dental cavities while supporting overall dental wellness.

2. Myrrh: Derived from the resin of Commiphora trees, Myrrh has long been used in medicine and other applications ranging from incense to perfumes to flavoring food and beverages. PowerBite uses its antimicrobial powers of myrrh to treat tooth infections and inflammations while simultaneously combatting bad breath while supporting oral wellness.

3. Wild Mint: Mint is an herb with many health advantages, and PowerBite gum support uses mint leaves not only to freshen breath, but as natural cleaners for your mouth as well. Packed with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, wild mint helps stimulate salivation production while protecting teeth against decay.

4. Clove Oil: Clove oil has long been recognized for its ability to soothe toothaches and oral health concerns, and specifically with relieving toothache pain through its active component eugenol. Beyond dental health benefits, clove oil has also proven invaluable as traditional remedies against everything from blood disorders and stress disorders to muscle soreness and headaches.

5. Xylitol: At the core of PowerBite lies an ingredient called xylitol, an all-natural sweetener. Studies indicate it might even be better for your teeth than other sweeteners! Xylitol can be found naturally occurring substances found in certain fruits and vegetables and has an extremely sweet taste – all qualities important components in an oral care program.

6. Lysozyme: Widely recognized for its immune-enhancing capabilities, Lysozyme works to defend your body against bacteria, viruses and fungi by attacking their protective cell walls – thus disrupting their function and helping keep infections at bay.

7. Mediterranean Sea Salt: Saltwater rinses have long been used as part of an oral care regime, and Mediterranean Sea Salt stands up as another example. Proven effective against gum infections by drawing out extra fluid through infected tissues, these rinses also come in tablet form for those preferring tablet over rinse forms – PowerBite offers both.

PowerBite packs an effective combination of natural ingredients that work together to promote oral health.

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PowerBite Customer Reviews

Theo Franklin From Chicago, USA

My gums have never looked healthier! It feels amazing not having to think about my teeth at night anymore and simply love this freedom!” “My gums look fantastic! No more worrying about them – simply love this!”

Portia Thompson From Florida, USA

“PowerBite has truly amazed me – my dentist recommended it and now I couldn’t imagine life without it!”

Sam Perkin From Dallas, USA

“My teeth always felt incredible, yet somehow, something wasn’t enough. Now for the first time since decades, they feel amazing!”

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PowerBite Frequently Asked Questions

If you are taking this candy tablet as a nutritional supplement, just pop one candy tablet in your mouth before bed. Allowing it to dissolve slowly will allow all its active ingredients and pH level balancers to start doing their thing!

PowerBite is packed with amazing extracts from plants and minerals that are designed to give your oral health a boost, keeping your teeth and gums strong and in great shape.

Each package of our all-natural supplements is lovingly assembled from only top-tier, all-natural ingredients sourced from facilities registered with the Food and Drug Administration and accredited under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). After every batch has passed a comprehensive testing procedure to guarantee you receive only pure and safe product available on the market today.

As a friendly reminder, if you currently suffer from any existing medical conditions or take prescription medications, it may be prudent to share a bottle of this product with your healthcare provider prior to using it. Your wellbeing is our top priority and this extra step may provide added peace of mind.

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